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Aina Dumlao

Writer / Director / Producer

As an actress, Aina is recurring on two shows - HBO's Ballers and CBS' MacGyver. She is also the lead in an upcoming feature thriller - Sanzaru.

As a partner at Undercurrent, Aina has written, produced and directed commercials for Western Union, Head & Shoulders, Nestle, Bayer and Window Nation.

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Bru AVATAR.jpg

Bru Muller

Director / Writer / Producer

Initially, Bru was a working actor in Los Angeles (NCIS, Alias, The Future, King of the Hill) before founding Undercurrent with Aina

Most recently, he produced, directed and edited a pilot pitch for HBO titled Single & Borderline Desperate.

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Corey Cooper

Cinematographer / Producer

Aside from co-producing and lensing most of Undercurrent's projects, Corey travels the world as an in-demand cinematographer/time-lapse photographer for NatGeo, History Channel, Travel Channel, Food Network, MTV and VH1.

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