Unforgettable Catalina

September 29, 2018 … Saturday … will go down as one of the best days in our year and our entire festival experience for Diwa.

Not only did we get to enjoy the sun, beach and amazing food … we also got to spend the entire day with the most AMAZING people.

One of our executive producers - the big-hearted Bobby J Singh of B-Raja Media - flew in from Chicago just for the event. Our beloved cast (Maria Pallas, Leslie Thurston, Seli M. Rose, Jeremy Andorfer-Lopez), our crew (Alexis Moeller - costume designer/stylist… ahem) and our cinematographer/producing partner Corey Cooper all braved the round trip 2-hour boat ride from Long Beach just to be with us.

Our unexpected win (so unexpected, we were all on the last row of a 1200-seat theatre) was just icing on the cake.

We are so grateful, humbled, and filled with love!

  • Aina and Bru